Sunday, May 6, 2012

is it May, already?

super minimalistic music video for the band called Fortune Cookies Blues

Storytelling takes time when you want to do things properly. I want to do things properly, it's in my blood. When I don't, I get a bad conscious snarling at me and making my blood flow slower than it should and it's a feeling i would like to avoid on all costs. What i'm saying is: i'm saying I haven't had proper time to sit and tell you with straight sincerity how things are in my life.
Strange times, strange year. Year of changes and losses and finds. New beginnings, yet again, forces that make you adjust to things you weren't actually ready to adjust to but then again, there is no main rehearsal for life, it's one long premiere.
Most of the time I feel really blessed for being able to live the way I do and do things daily for living that I would do anyway. I look at my hands and smile as i thank them for everything they do for me. They're my most cherished servants. Some days are hard for being away and separate. I try to adjust myself to that as well, I try. Some days I'm just not trying hard enough and then my hands get cold and and a veil of shadows floats around my head. Some days are different, they're overwhelming, really. In a best way you could imagine.
I'm still working on the animation project, hopefully I will be finished in these next two months because there are other projects eagerly waiting for their turn!

Please be well and content, my reader.

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