Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is personal. But then again, what isn't that you let run through yourself, shape it and then place the result on a table in front of you. Look at it, don't you see your self? Do you like what you see? If you don't then there are things you have to work on and I have, oh I have. By now, I like what I see in front of me. I'm pleased, thank you.
There are days when I go to bed wearing soft eyes and memories of a day as a make up. There are nights when I go to bed excited. There are days and nights. And nights.
You're found when you're ready. I realised that during this year. I was ready. I am, and things keep finding me, for that I am so grateful. This year has made me grow humble and master the art of staying in present in a healthy way. Have you noticed how we always try to either live in the future or in the past but rarely in the present. We are so determined to be somewhere else and be someone else that we close our eyes to what we actually have and who we are. It's ironic that we have to teach ourselves to do that. Give yourself a little time and see what you have managed to achieve. It's not a small amount.  You should be proud of yourself. You should take that and use what you have to grow further. That's the real art of living.
Thank you for reading this, I wish you opportunities that you recognise and I wish you luck. Nothing ever happens without luck. Luck and hard work.


  1. So true! And it's like they say also: "The harder you work, the luckier you get". x

  2. I'm honoured you agree with me sweets. xxx

  3. I feel the same...
    sometimes when I feel down and think like everything is done...Universe opens for me a new perspective...Times are not easy nowadays...but it never been easy for artists anyway...
    Thanks Ulla to open my sleepy eyes again and remind me that I feel proud of what I have achieved until now...

  4. I think we need to feel down at times to feel high. It's a balance thing. Black and white. The oposites. Too much black or too much white makes a pack of skunks. Our lives are balancing acts at the best of times, trying to make a living out of art.
    Thank you for reading and I'm glad you got something out of it!